by Synonymous

Daedalus bore warnings

Which fell on deaf ears

If Icarus had found his bearings

Could I have strayed clear?

I wanted you to break my heart

So I could pick up the pieces

And we could be apart

And I’d know what peace is.

But you shattered me

into a million pieces

With your gentle tone.

And each piece I retrieved reminded me

Again, of why I loved you. And again

Of why you’re gone.

Each piece scorched my fingers

– Like wax drawn to the brilliant sun –

With the ways I tried to love you.

And when I was done

I only felt more broken

By what I had done.

You were a kind soul –

But I had never known to be kind.

My love has lost its rhyme

A couplet lost to the heat

Of a Sun that knows no time

Burning hot in the Moon’s retreat.

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Synonymous is a pen-name whose owner is interchangeable.
If you relate to the stories being told by the writer Synonymous, then you as well are Synonymous.