by Nifty Writeous

X ray vision can only see a strong boned person.

But it can't go deeper to realize a person's true emotion.

Bones and marrow connected but a person

feels disconnected from everything else.

X ray vision can see the skull of a headstrong person.

But beneath it all lies a shattered dimension.

Overthinking and bearing every dire consequence.

A brain held in a head cage with no escape.

X ray vision can see the everyday person walking.

But can't see the tiredness of their legs giving out.

Stood straight as it seems but it feels the legs are

disjointed to do anything else walking weak.

X ray vision can see healthy arms that can stretch.

But cannot identify it lacks true reach.

Lacks an extension to connect with others.

Losing touch and giving boundaries ultimately casted away internally.

X ray vision may see the ribcage holding one's heart and breath.

But can't get all the heavy worries off their chest.

The heart is only an organ but may as well feel like a broken bone.

While the lungs may be healthy but the deep breaths cause one to be anxious.

X ray vision is just a tool to say everything's okay.

It can see through the skin, the bones but not the feelings.

Nothing broken just the individual.

The hardest part is the healing.