Nasa Zain

Blink now and the monster will steal your ethereal breath away,

He means no comical harm and only seeks for shelter to stay,

So why do you violently shriek when you are the cruel one using his heart to play?

Say goodbye to your chance of dancing among legends

when dusty lies flood your days,

This monster is safe and here to stay.

Amaterasu gave you shelter and kept you cleansed with her spells,

Yet your foul tempest dampened warmth from the tasks she did so well,

She had the potential to be worshipped by those appreciative of her gifts

yet you choked her by the bell,

The petty quarrels you draw from a canvas as blank as your mind

anchors this goddess to bathe in an unlit cell,

Perhaps you’ll leave Heaven sans farewell.

Lepus cornutus was a sensitive soul yet you whipped him

with monochrome lust because of his horns.

He hails not from your faint, childish fairy tales as he’s a rare rose

grieving among your treacherous thorns.

It’s baffling to think you killed his spirit as fast as light traveling at dawn

when he could’ve been a creature kept unshorn,

Yet even during the lonesome hours of misery he gave you his life and will

despite all the alarming foghorns.

By the Divine Grace, this horned hare will begin his revival with an inkhorn.

Taste the ocean’s salt: those are the tears of the Siren you stained,

The love songs she handmade for you: you took as a boyish game.

You claim she took your life, yet, have you considered

how the lyrics she spouts were flags of doubt?

You called for Christ: she kept her might as you selfishly drained her

until she starved in a drought.

Sailors dare say this sinful Siren snatches men to their death,

Cast your reflections on water and wake up to the true theft.

Feast upon your decay as this Wendigo craves for human flesh,

This can only lead to a tempest when wounds have been left so fresh.

Roam the northern forests for shelter but your evil spirit can’t hide,

The real cannibal is the cold murderer you’ve cowardly kept inside.

3 You may cleanse your demons but that means nothing to the corpses you’ve brought,

You eat hearts on your sleeve: your haughty thoughts can only feed you distraught.

They journeyed to reenact Dante’s Inferno for you lot’s sake:

you were Hell itself disguised as a lover,

Yet you spit out their time and slaughter the very care they’ve caressed your sin with:

I am no lucid forgiver.

These people are my muses yet you paint their inspiration

on a canvas as blank as your mind,

Serpents shatter our will: you fiends abuse my family

when it’s only safety I wish them to find.

The Devil plays along my spine and heart strings as a violin,

That will not tempt me from singing our duet at an inn.



I am a recent graduate from the University of Portsmouth, I studied English and  Creative Writing. In terms of my creative work, I usually write about urban-fantasy stories  or Romantic poetry; sometimes both at the same time.

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