by Jason M

All it takes is a single drop,

Blurring pictures, faces, whatever that’s caught,

See the waves as they ripple through,

Only to return, showing you.

Push and pull, repel and compel,

The union of three we know too well,

Forever bonded, forever one,

No matter the weather, they can’t be undone.

Without these forces left unseen,

A tiny spider can only dream,

To skim the surface that has no seam,

Whether it be pools, lakes or streams.



Jason M is a recent graduate from Monash University Malaysia who majored in Chemistry and Genetics.

Quirky and odd, his passion lies in the arts whether it be writing, acting, singing, or being shameless.

He devoted a majority of his time weeping, playing with dogs, and doing burpees.

Instagram: @masonjarius

Surface Tension.png