by Armuba Juji

We sift through history,

Guarantees of what the world can be.

Hidden beyond what the eyes can see,

Dust dissipates,

Causing madness and hate.

Promises were made,

Little has been met.

Pledges merging with the wind,

Flowing with no wills,

Gone with the time,

Forever lost,

Forever gone.

Figures becoming ghosts,

Heroes disowned by corrupt guidance.

Snakes slithering through the ladders,

Sending ripples of suspicions and fears,

Constructing walls creating divisions,

Further aggravating the searches,

Of common grounds.

Is this democracy?

Lies and fears is all that i can see,

How can one be trustworthy,

When one has doubtful sanity.

Voices becoming mumbles,

Floating away like bubbles.

Sentences covered behind curtains,

Locked away and forgotten is certain.

Is this democracy?

When the people have no voices.

Forceful silence is all that i can see,

The purging of freedom,

The rights for the people.



Currently, in his 4th year at the University of Brunei Darussalam, Armuba Juji is majoring in English Studies. His interests lean more towards English Literature than the linguistic strands and are very in love with poetry. His poems are mostly posted on his Instagram handle _armubajuji but he does have some that have been published in a zine and virtual exhibitions such as Newnormal exhibition and most recently erupt! exhibition. He believes that poetry is the key to his happiness and hopefully for others as well. He heartfully wishes that local literature community would continue to prosper.

Silenced Ghosts.png