by Jason M.

The lone survivor of her litter,

Greeted by the world by storms,

From birth, she was always a fighter,

Till her death I will always mourn.

She’s small but fierce,

Common but one of a kind,

She stole my heart from the beginning,

Birthing a love so sublime.

Since the yesteryears of my growing pains,

Till the end of my alma mater,

She waits by the gate for me to come home,

To share my joys,

To wipe my tears,

To bring me laughter.

But one day, you stumbled,

All you do is sleep now,

Your body began to crumble

 Only your eyes betray what plagues you.

Came the day when your eyes went cold,

Pain erupting inside my heart,

Brimming tears and sadness untold,

Worsened further by the distance

Between us

I want,

To feel your head laying on my leg,

To pick you up like a puppy,

To hug you, the way you used to hug me.

To be…there waiting beside the gate.

Not a day goes by that I still miss you,

To see you run,

Just like how you’re running,

Running amongst the stars,

Goodbye, sweet little dog,

I can’t wait for our next adventure.

by Jason M.png


Jason M is a recent graduate from Monash University Malaysia who majored in Chemistry and Genetics.

Quirky and odd, his passion lies in the arts whether it be writing, acting, singing, or being shameless.

He devoted a majority of his time weeping, playing with dogs, and doing burpees.

Instagram - @masonjarius