by Fei


You learned to play the strings

and taught yourself to sing

with the feelings you have

made into writings.

You were passionate.


You learned to set boundaries

and taught yourself to care

for the unheard emotions

silenced by insecurities.

You were adamant.


I hope you found your happy place

where the things you do puts a smile on your face,

where you feel calm and understand that life is not a race;

understand that it is alright to move at your own pace.

You are relevant.



I began reading poetry and prose in my early teenage years and only began writing a few of my pieces at the age of 20. Writing helps me gather my thoughts and check in where I am, emotionally and mentally. In a way, it is my form of therapy to understand what I am feeling and why I feel that way. 
When I shared a few of my writings on Instagram, the responses I received were very heartwarming. It made me realize how poetry could help people feel validated and that is what I hope this poem would bring.