by Jason M

Out of sight, out of mind,

Only when seen, pain you’ll find,

Comes in brown, purple or black,

Born from accidents or past attacks,

What am I?

A scar.

A story behind an imperfection,

Born from memory, bearing implications,

For what can possibly leave a mark?

Attracting questions, worries and remarks?

A scar.

Beautiful lesson or a source of rue?

Made by others or caused by you?

Unlucky mishap or with intention?

Unleash the truth or lie in deception.

From its origin to the day you die,

Forever a reminder to smile or sigh,

Etched on skin, nature’s tattoo,

Its tale however, known only to you.



Jason M is a recent graduate from Monash University Malaysia who majored in Chemistry and Genetics.

Quirky and odd, his passion lies in the arts whether it be writing, acting, singing, or being shameless.

He devoted a majority of his time weeping, playing with dogs, and doing burpees.

Instagram: @masonjarius

Scar Tissue.png