Issue 02

Take us beneath the surface, into the precious secrets, the scars unseen.

Show us what's been kept hidden; Under the Skin.

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All the Magical Things by Dani Herrera

Cockroaches by Mara Liddle

Evolution of Red by Amaya Koss

Of Smoke Rings and Unsaid Things
by Bidisha P. Kashyap

What Happened After 40 Days on the Desert
by Laura Labno

Bio(eco)logy of Space by Laura Labno

Dear Flaking Coat by Rhea Khandhar

house\warzone by Georgia Iris Szawaryn

Immortality by Madi

Geezer Do Preach by Chris Mardiroussian

Scar Tissue by Jason M.

Surface Tension by Jason M.

XRAY VISION by Nifty Writeous


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