by Nasa Zain

Our fingers entwined, hearts in sync,

This is the way we'll celebrate our mortal link.

We’ll hold our conversations in the gardens and our faces dusted rose pink,

Exchanging secrets after the Moon has slept and a game of the faes' hoodwink.

I would draw wings on your back and let you know your worth,

Kissing that bruised skin with my prayers for your rebirth

With the hope that you’ll fly out from this Earth.

I won’t ask you to take me on your flight,

All I want to see is you up there among the thousand Twilights

Among where Angels reside and you’ll be part of that holy delight.

Instead I’ll remain down here with these human strings

and draw Stars on my back,

Hoping it’ll reach you and your wings.

Hoping they’ll light up your flights and ignite your Springs

after the Moon has slept.

I am the mistress of my desires,

One of them is watching you

reach your immortal wildfire.

Heaven's Wildfire.png


I am a recent graduate from the University of Portsmouth, I studied English and  Creative Writing. In terms of my creative work, I usually write about urban-fantasy stories  or Romantic poetry; sometimes both at the same time.