by Laura Labno

I finished a sentence, and it was a closing line.

It finished me off just like my worries tried to.

But like stars finish daytimes this love finished

My nights.

Like butterflies struggle to fly in the rain

I struggled to glide through the clouds.

But now the sun inside me grows greater

Like under a spell and

I finish.

I Finish

Looking at something thinking that it is

Better or that I am. (Or that we are separate.)

I finish spilling salts into our spaces. I finish

waiting for love and I let myself

Love myself instead.

Like a bird leaving

A rotten nest

Like an arrow I shoot myself

Into something brighter than past.

Collecting words which hurt me like something sharp

I create new patterns like in a mosaique.

I reflect myself in interpretations like in a surface

Of a lake which is finally clear.

I fly like time through arrays of fresh possibilities. And I grab

what’s out there with more gratitude than greed.


This is my Finale as the Dharma Wheel spins


by Laura Labno (2).png


Laura is a 24 years old amateur writer, and an aspiring Clinical Psychologist, from Poland. She did a Psychology and Childhood studies degree at Bangor University in Wales and a Psychology Masters at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. In her free time Laura loves spending time outdoors, meditating, cooking for her loved ones and, most of all, reading. 

Instagram - @lauraursulalabno