by Sidrah

in my latest daydreams

I'm wearing a straw hat

and sunshine sublimes your skin

the summer breeze

stirs my hair towards you

we are caught in a current

fire gods undiminished

by the light of day

we still crackle and swirl

disembarking my train of thought

I arrive always on your platform

my mind's eye flickering back to you

in my latest daydreams

you finish your cigarette

and I don't walk away

Fire Gods II.png


Sidrah is a 28 year-old Pakistani poet in the UK. She is a teacher, reader, writer and collector of hobbies; she dabbles in painting, photography and martial arts. She has been writing since she was 13, but has only recently begun to showcase her work. She tends to write shorter pieces focused on strong imagery: an encapsulation of one moment, one feeling.

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