by Jason M

Tick tock,

There goes the clock,

For every 12 facets,

Cannot be bought.

Tick tock,

For each time it pauses,

History degrades,

Tales of joy and of losses.

Tick tock,

Many live in the past,

Though the present is now,

The future comes fast.

Tick tock,

I started with four,

Lived long with two,

Till I breathed no more.

Tick tock,

From dust we came,

To dust we return to,

Another victim time claimed.



Jason M is a recent graduate from Monash University Malaysia who majored in Chemistry and Genetics.
Quirky and odd, his passion lies in the arts whether it be writing, acting, singing, or being shameless.

He devoted a majority of his time weeping, playing with dogs, and doing burpees.

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