by Laura Labno

               I succumb to the images from beyond.

Where Maninkari speak while the wisdom unfolds from underneath of knowledge’s

               mold. Eyes opened wider than screaming Witch's mouth. Succumbing to the axis

mundi’s song. Caressed by strings of alchemical gold deconstructing words into

                              Meanings undiscovered and perceptions unseen shaping monuments out of the

inconceivable bliss of the consciousness which eternally exists in the lights coming out of the

               One perplexing source. Cradling the stars with strange songs captivated by enigmatic shops

just like those of which Bruno Schulz wrote - With cinnamon walls and strangeness of gaze

emanating a hypnotic haze to the rhythm of their occult drums

               I succumb to the images from beyond.



Laura Labno was born in Swietochlowice, Poland. She did her undergraduate degree at Bangor  University in Wales, and currently she is doing her master’s at the University of St Andrews, in  Scotland. Laura writes short stories and poems which revolve around the topics of spirituality, life  meaning and existence. Her favourite writers include Rilke, Dostoyevsky and Bruno Szultz. In her  free time Laura enjoys reading myths, painting and going for long walks in nature.

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