by Laura Labno


Have you ever looked at a Space? I mean, not

through it - At it.

Or perhaps... not only at it... -

Underneath it?

As if it was more than an emptiness - or

fulness - More than

An object. Or a container filled with objects.

Even more than a place to act in. Or not-act

in for that matter.              But

as if it was an organism - like a body

By itself.

Changing and evolving and of... sinking back

into - The eternal latitude of phenomena.

How many spaces exist within a space? -

As many as there are perceptions environing

them? Or more. Or Less.

                    What words. What movements.

What kind of intimate whispers... are to be

taken and lied


Underneath it. Or are they already there?


Have you ever wondered what would happen

if we dared

To leave its veneer? For the sake of some


ecological investigations? To ask

When does it fill with freshness rather than

calamity? Or

What words glide underneath it -

Unpronounced? Or

pronounced in another... space? Or place.


            Is a new Biology of Space too much to

ask? Or a new Ecology of Space? I feel that

Spaces are alive - But

In a completely different way. Not only filled

With living beings. Or with action and non-


But as living beings on their own. As

culminations of our very Selves and more. As

phenomena to be looked at as something that's

What is it that accumulates there - Almost like

a thrombosis - Sometimes and yet

not always.

What leaking projections make up its bones? -

One needs to ask that because

Nothing can hold together without the right

support and

                Interactive. Malleable and... Sacred -

Like our own bodies with all

that's underneat (of their skin?). In every

sense known of.                 And more.

I just think that it must apply to spaces as well.

When you look (at or through) your space -

What do you see?



Laura Labno was born in Swietochlowice, Poland. She did her undergraduate degree at Bangor  University in Wales, and currently she is doing her master’s at the University of St Andrews, in  Scotland. Laura writes short stories and poems which revolve around the topics of spirituality, life  meaning and existence. Her favourite writers include Rilke, Dostoyevsky and Bruno Szultz. In her  free time Laura enjoys reading myths, painting and going for long walks in nature.

Instagram: @Laura2930712

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