Silent Mayhem starts our journey from a very very very small country on Borneo Island with ambitions to expand outwards, gathering voices in regulated mayhem. Our privilege of being an online literary magazine in a time where the internet is so loud, is of course to listen to the stories being told from each and every nook and cranny in the world.

We hope to share stories of the human condition; the stories we bear wordlessly; the stories we scream at the world; the stories that fall silent to selective ears. We want Silent Mayhem to be the starting point of the mayhem you’ll impose onto the literary world; the breath you take before releasing your voice.

Our goal is to be the home to your stories as you build your portfolio for the world to see.

At the same time, we hope that our use of the term ‘Mayhem’ is not understood as a blanket for offensive behaviors or stories of unnecessary hate.

In this amalgamation of proud creatives, we would like to call for mutual respect of cultures and lifestyles.

Give us your best and we’ll give you ours.






Making more opportunities for artists and creatives because the pandemic stole mine from me.

I may have started Silent Mayhem on my own, but I’m ready to share our journey with you.

Thanks for your interest!

The arts is silently dying.
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